Gland Pharma shares , premium increases in gray market!


Gland Pharma shares , premium increases in gray market!

Gland Pharma shares , premium increases in gray market!

Gland Pharma's premium surge

If you have got shares of Gland Pharma under the IPO, there may be a big profit on Friday. The IPO of Gland Pharma is to be listed on the stock market on Friday. Before the listing, there is a surge in the premium of Gland Pharma in the gray market. The premium in the gray market is trading above Rs 140.

Investors did not get good response

Actually, the IPO of Gland Pharma did not get great response from retail investors. But now the gray market is trading at a great premium and it is expected that the listing may be above 10 per cent of the issue price. That is, the listing is expected to be above Rs 1600 per share.

IPO was held between 9 November to 11 November

The IPO was opened to investors from November 9 to November 11. During that time, shares of Gland Pharma were getting in the gray market at a premium of Rs 20, but now after Diwali, there is a sudden boom.

Target to raise Rs 6,480 crore

The IPO of Gland Pharma was subscribed 2.06 times between 9 and 11 November. The company's target was to raise Rs 6,480 crore. Fosan Pharma of China has a major stake in Hyderabad-based pharmaceutical company Gland Pharma.


Price band was Rs 1,490-1,500

The price band for the IPO of Gland Pharma was Rs 1,490-1,500 per share. Gland Pharma raised Rs 1,944 crore from anchor investors before the IPO. In this IPO, 50% of the shares are reserved for institutional investors and 35% for retail investors and 15% for non-institutional investors. This was the first IPO of a forma company this year.

Largest IPO ever

It was the first IPO of a company with majority stake in China. The lead managers of the IPO are Citi, Nomura and Kotak Mahindra Bank. Not only this, any pharmaceutical company in the country has the largest IPO till date. Earlier this record was in the name of Aris Lifesciences, which raised Rs 1,741 crore in 2017.


2020 great for IPO

Most of the money received from this IPO will be used by the company to increase Indian business and to meet the working capital requirements. From the perspective of IPO, the year 2020 has been spectacular so far.

Large stake of sugar in this company

Shanghai Fosan Pharma has majority stake in this pharma company. Fosan Pharma, listed in Hong Kong, bought a 74 percent stake in Gland Pharma in October 2017. Fosan Pharma bought the stake of Gland Pharma from private equity firm KKR and for this the Chinese company invested $ 1.09 billion.

Company of gland pharma hyderabad

Let me tell you, Gland Pharma is a company of Hyderabad. It was founded in 1978 by PVN Raju. The company makes generic injectable pharma products. The company sells its products in 60 countries including India, USA, UK, Australia and Canada.

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